Visions, Groups, Challenges, and Account information


Visions are the unique combination of ecosystems and lifestyle and climate scenarios that represent your vision for an area of New York City. You can browse visions that other people have made, or create your own. To browse existing visions, click on the "Visions" tab at the bottom of the window to pull up the Visions Carousel. There you can search and filter other visions you have access to and load them onto the map for comparison.

To create a new vision, click Manage > Visions in the top menu, and then click the "Create New Vision" button. You can load or edit any of your previous visions from this menu.


Any user can create a group and invite other users to join, enabling users to share visions amongst themselves. Groups provide users with a way to share visions with a select group of other users, as opposed to sharing with everyone or keeping the vision private. The group creator can invite or remove users from a group.


Challenges allow you to select a vision and challenge a group of users to change that area based on goals that you set. You can select up to three metrics for comparison, and can challenge members of a group to maintain a metric value, or increase or decrease the value by a chosen percent. The results of the challenge can be sorted by percent change, allowing you to easily see each challenge participant's progress towards the goal you have set. Challenges are useful for targeting specific goals for a place, and allowing a specific set of users (like a class or community group) to respond to those challenges.

Account settings

At any point you can visit the Account Settings page to change your username or password, or to add or change the email address associated with your account. The Accounts settings tab will also tell you basic information about your account, such as the number of visions you have created, the number of challenges you have issued, and the date you signed up for Visionmaker. You can also delete your account from this page, but be careful- once you delete your account, we are unable to restore your visions, groups, or challenges!